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SEA® has come to educational institutions

SEA® for SCHOOLS is an innovative tool which helps academic institutions to shape productive leaders that support their communities by reinforcing leadership skills in teachers and developing a good attitude in students and obtaining their commitment to give the best of themselves for their own benefit and for their communities.

The system is primarily designed to produce significant changes through the definition of concepts such as identity and life purpose in the lives of youngsters between the ages of 13 and 18 years old.

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An empowering resource for a new generation

As a society, we know that the future lies on the potential of our youngsters. Education is an effort that requires everyone’s participation.

SEA® for SCHOOLS is an innovative tool that is useful to shape productive and collaborative leaders that are committed to their communities; leaders that shall take the world population to a better place.

Youngsters need clear answers about themselves and the world around them. People who discover their true identity at an early age are more likely to change their attitude in a positive way and will embrace life more passionately.

The 12 Benefits of SEA® for SCHOOLS


Life Plan

Participants develop a good attitude that helps them make transcendental decisions that can improve their present and future life.


It Reinforces Leadership Skills

It strengthens the teachers’ role by helping them guide students towards the discovery of their identity and life purpose.


Measurable Results

The system generates measures so that the teacher and the students can visualize their progress throughout the program.


A Holistic Approach

Dynamic sessions and practical evaluations in which the teacher, the students, and the parents participate.


Practical Concepts

Clear and precise principles that can bring youngsters to a better understanding of themselves and the world around them.


It Sets Values

It challenges students and help them make present and future decisions based on universal principles.


Simple to Use

A system of quick implementation that is easy to use. A computer with Internet connection is about all you need.


Innovative Materials

Equipped with videos, interactive dynamics, evaluation of commitments, goals and practical projects that make learning interesting and challenging.


A Little Time Investment

It only takes 1 hour per week during a 20-week period.


Cutting-Edge Technology

It is provided through a user-friendly web-based technology.



The program has both a version in Spanish and a version in the English language.


Total Satisfaction Guaranteed

If results are not satisfactory after two months, the project is cancelled and 100% of the investment is returned.

Recommended by the business community

SEA® is a tool that has been successfully tested by more than 10,000 participants within the business world.

The clarity of its concepts, the ease of its implementation and the efficiency of its methodology have been key in the transformation of business organizations that have been part of SEA®, System of Efficiency through Attitude.

Good results made business participants insist in our taking this innovative tool to the new generation. This is how SEA® for SCHOOLS becomes a reality.

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SEA® for SCHOOLS is the tool that your school has been waiting for.

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